What Our Guests Are Saying


★★★★★, San Diego, California

Group trip We enjoyed the spacious mansion for our first organization retreat. The place was perfect for our workshop sessions (big TV monitor in the living area to project from my PC), along with plenty of sitting area for group discussions/presentations. We also appreciate the adjoining kitchen for our team’s meals. The views were spectacular! Lots of pictures to showcase the successful weekend retreat! Thanks to Jessica for providing the keyed component in projecting my PC to the TV monitor. She was more than accommodating by letting us checking early. Would love to make this our annual retreat venue for years to come!


★★★★★, San Diego, California

Group trip
AMAZING VIEWS!!! Huge house with all the rooms and bathooms and space you could ever need! And Jessica the host was great.


★★★★★, Irvine, California

Group trip
Our large group of friends had our annual trip in Jessica’s lovely mansion; it was very large and was able to accommodate for 18 guests! Very fun time


★★★★★, San Diego, California

Group trip
The place is beautiful, but i am super appreciative of the customer service. Ly’Shea + William were super responsive and answered all the questions that I had.


★★★★★, Torrance, California

Very big and beautiful home! My friends and family loved sharing my birthday in this beautiful peaceful home with bedrooms for everyone and space to be alone when needed! Views are so nice to sit and look at in the morning with a cup of coffee! I hear a infinity pool is in the plans and that will notch up this place like no other so maybe with the pool the price might be more worth what we paid. But glad to say how happy we all were 🙂


★★★★★, San Diego, California

Stayed with kids
William‘s place was private for large groups. It was a great meeting space for our retreat. The views were spectacular. We could definitely envision weddings and family reunions being hosted at this space. It was quiet. the Internet was a little bit weird sometimes the TVs worked sometimes they didn’t but at the end of the day we weren’t really there to watch TV were we? So I would have to say all in all this was a great venue to visit, and we thank our hosts for being responsive and welcoming!


★★★★★, San Diego, California

William was outstanding with communication and always presented himself with kindness and understanding. I would definitely rent this place out again as we had countless memories made there in our 3 days. Best views, best vibes, and an amazing time.


★★★★★, San Diego, California

Had a small event here and everything went extremely smoothly.
The views and overall venue were beautiful and the managers/owners were very accommodating.
Highly recommend this place for your trip to San Diego/Escondido or to host an event.


★★★★★, Vista

Group trip
My time at the Chateau will definitely be something to remeber! Despite a few hiccups in terms of planning, this place was definitely worth it! The views from the balcony are unmatched and there are so many spacious rooms it’s easy to get lost in! And I mean that in a good way!


★★★★★, Highland, California

Group trip
Wonderful location that was beautiful, comfortable, and had plenty of space for the various members of our wedding party. The views are absolutely stunning!
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